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A Guide to the history of British flying sites within the United Kingdom
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GRINDALE: Private airstrip       (Aka EAST LEYS FARM & BRIDLINGTON)

Aerial view 2002
Aerial view 2002
Aerial view 2007
Aerial view 2007
Aerial view 2018
Aerial view 2018
Aerial detail 2018
Aerial detail 2018

Note: All these pictures were obtained from Google Earth ©

Operated by: It appears in recent years by Skydive GB, previously The Sport Parachute Centre

Location: At the end of Grindale Lane, E of Grindale Road, about 3nm NW of Bridlington

Period of operation:  Late 1970s until -
Note: Talking to a local person in August 2018 I was assured there is an airfield (airstrip?) still operating in this area to the west of the Grindale Road. I couldn't find it but didn't spend much time looking. It now appears the airstrip is on the east side of Grindale Road.



Runway(s): (2011) 06/24   655x30   grass

1980:  06/24   564x18   grass          15/33   15/33   253x18   grass

Note: This map is reproduced with the kind permission of Pooleys Flight Equipment Ltd. Copyright Robert Pooley 2014.

NOTES: This is exactly the sort of situation that can drive a researcher mad. But I’m probably mad already having decided to produce this 'Guide' so it doesn’t much matter;  in fact I relish the complexity involved. It’s very much what this 'Guide' is about after all.

Look at the seperate  EAST LEYS FARM listing to discover more history.   .

This said, seeing as it was marked and named GRINDALE in 1977, based here were: Auster 5 G-ANIS, Piper PA-28 Cherokee 160 G-ARVS operated by Bridlington Aviation Ltd, M.S. 890A Rallye Commodore G-AZSL and the Cessna U-206C Super Skywagon G-BAMN operated by Grindale Parachuting Ltd.


GRINDALE appears in the AAIB report EW/G2011/07/26 in which it appears the parachuting club were now operating another Cessna U-206A Super Skywagon, G-ATLT.

 A look at the Skydive GB web-site in 2017 shows they were operating the Gippsland GA-8 Airvan, G-VANA, previously used when registered as VH-KLN.  

It also appears that the EAST LEYS FARM site used in the 1930s was an adjacent field.


In October 2021, I was kindly contacted by Mr Gareth Cook, living in St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada. He tells us that in the 1970s James Lacey was flying a Cessna 172 Reims Rocket on parachuting sorties from GRINSDALE. But here is the 'bombshell' news:

"James Harry Lacey, DFM & Bar (1 February 1917 - 30 May 1989) was one of the top scoring Royal Air Force fighter pilots of the Second World War and was the second highest scoring RAF fighter pilot of the Battle of Britain, behind Pilot Officer Eric Lock of No.41 Squadron RAF. Lacey was credited with 28 enemy aircraft destroyed, five probables and nine damaged."  


In February 2022 I was kindly contacted by Mr Bob Mainprize Snr, who was undertaking a PPL course under the tutorlage of the pipe-smoking, (whilst flying!), 'Ginger' Lacey. On one sortie when coming back to land, Bob asked 'Ginger' about the short cross runway. 'Ginger' took over control to demonstrate a landing on the short runway. Bob thought he was far too low, but remained silent. At the last moment 'Ginger' added a burst of power, pitched the nose up to clear the hedge, and a large bang occurred.

Bob looked back and the entire rear fuselage was in the hedge! When they opened the doors, they both fell off. The main reason Bob contacted me was to ask if any pictures exist of the Cessna taken after this incident occurred? Without any doubt some were taken. Can anybody kindly provided one, (or two of course), or point to where it, or they, might be found?


In November 2022, Mr Graham Frost who is a great friend of this 'Guide', tells us that the Cessna 172G Skyhawk, G-ATVV, was based here in 1973. According to official records it was registered to The Sport Parachute Centre at this address from 24.04.73 to 14.09.73. Perhaps the limited payload made it unsuitable for parachuting? However, I'd have thought they would have realised this drawback before acquiring it? 



A Holt

This comment was written on: 2017-01-21 21:30:58
I rented and self flew a Cessna 150, G-ATND, from there in November 1972. The aircraft (with another pilot!!) later made a forced landing nearby, which I believe caused it to flip over, break the mainspar, and subsequently it was written off. Ah, happy days!

Reply from Dick Flute:
Dear Mr Holt, Many thanks indeed for that memory - most welcome and pretty much what I had hoped for in producing this 'Guide'. Best regards, Dick


David McBeth

This comment was written on: 2019-03-20 10:04:43
I visited a Grindale Field as a childhood planespotter in May 1972. At that point a BN2 Islander G-AXXH from recollection was doing parachute flights and there were a few single engine machines also present. Having looked at Google maps my recollection was of a runway almost at 90 degrees to the the current one, assuming the same "clubhouse" etc. But I was only 8 at the time! Cheers


Glen molloy

This comment was written on: 2020-07-24 14:41:16
For the last 7 years, I’ve owned Auster G-AHHH that used to be flown at the Grindale Flying Club and was used by the WW2 flying ace Ginger Lacey for instruction and as a personal hack. He attended a few Auster club meets in her and the aircraft has been named Ginger in his honour!


john garvey

This comment was written on: 2021-05-09 15:22:03
The last entry ever in mylogbook was made after a check ride in a cessna 150 with Ginger Lacey on September 8th 1979. I failed to record the Reg of the aircraft nor do I have an Image of it. Any help inthis matter would be greatly appreciated


Martin Tetley

This comment was written on: 2021-05-18 17:09:32
There seems confusion regarding the location, because it moved in the early 1990's. Originally the site was a flying school combined with a parachute school. I remember it very well as I was Ginger Laceys last PPL student in 1986 and flew many happy hours with him from the strip which had grass runways 24/06 and 15/33 as per your line drawing. The intersection was at 54.12900,-0.25100 but no signs remain of them. Google maps shows the derelict clubhouse at the end of the nearby field track leading from Grindale Road. So the whole airfield was originally North West of Grindale Road. Jim Lacey died about 1991 and the Flying club folded a little while later, and the field returned to crops. but the parachuting operation moved to its present site at East Leys Farm and all your present photos are of this new site.

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